Real Estate CMS

Listing content your way

The listing manager in the RealOnline CMS can be used in many ways to assist your teams workflow. Enter data and have it sent to portals or receive data from other CRM's and maintain your office independence.

Key features at a Glance

RealOnline CMS

All the native functions of the RealOnline CMS are available to grow your real estate website.

Contact System CRM

Full integration with the CRM to manage buyer profiles, alert emails, follow ups, call lists and more.

Manage Listings

Easy create your listings with an automate audit trail of changes. Drag and drop simplicity for all media (images, floorplans,video). 

Advanced Permissions

The most advanced permission system so you can allow local and remote team members access to just what they need. 

Portal / App Push

Send your listings to any of the portals or 3rd party applications you have accounts with. We deal with over 80 companies in Australia and New Zealand already. 

Simple Newsletters

Schedule weekly newsletters including your latest listings, open times, new auctions and more. Send specific "feature listings" to a one off blast to your own database, no formating required.  

A ready to go setup

Use one of our many ready to go setups to get your Real Estate Website live as soon as possible or create a custom theme.



Ready for small to large agencies with blazing fast display for listings and your team.

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Modern leadgen

With a focus on content this style can assist you stamping your team as an authority in your local area. 

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