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RealOnline in its first iteration was created in mid 2003 to service the particular needs of the family owned business mysunshinecoast.com.au, and towards the end of 2003 for the Real Estate industry. It is a web based "software as a service" system (hosted), and is designed to work on regional (slow) internet speeds or better.

As requirements changed over time (particularly with amount of presentation content required) the first iteration reached an end of life scenario in June 2010, which is when we officially launched what is now formally called RealOnline “evolving content management”.

RealOnline is now designed to evolve constantly to the changes and demands by supported industry groups, integrated third party products, and of course client driven requests. This has facilitated the ability to capture, manipulate and display large amounts of data for the end users; site visitors and admin users alike.

The RealOnline system is classified as a mature program, with hundreds of millions of captured data items and tens of millions of visitors across all clients using the software.
RealOnline is at the core a Content Management System (CMS) that has been developed with the mindset of being responsive to client based input. One of the key components to this is the constant development to improve “workflow” for admin users. The time savings on staff resources accumulating over the years assists with both the assimilation of data in the quickest possible manner, and impacts on the very real cost of wages.

Additional to “workflow” there is the consistently changing nature of the Internet that is always addressed as the technology changes. Given the public nature aspects of a website that part of the code base is designed around a level to cater for a standards compliant lowest common denominator. The administration system is a built on a slightly different code base to take advantage of newly released tech in a controlled environment.

Development of the system is based around the “Continuous Integration” method where all updates are; tested, pushed through the network, tested again then documented. This allows for rapid micro and macro updates to the benefit of all users. Some macro updates are optional, all security and usability updates regardless of site plan are mandatory.
All sites built with RealOnline are housed in an Australian (Brisbane based) data centre operating a fully diverse, multi-homed redundant transit service. The data centre is built as a resilient network and is able to withstand multiple simultaneous hardware and network faults. With multiple upstream, peering and network providers to create a diverse, high capacity network.

Sites are hosted on servers that have lightning fast performance with a mixture of SSD (for OS/DB) and SATA (for storage) capacities. Additional media storage (infrequent change data) allows for unlimited storage capacity with a local POP in Sydney Australia for speed of access for our Australian and New Zealand clients / visitors.

All data within our cloud pool is written to multiple disks instantly and we have in place multiple secure redundancies including in cloud and off cloud (network isolated) backups.

Our cloud servers are built on top of a distributed SAN system spanning over multiple hypervisors. "This doesn't require a centralized management system. The intelligence is on each physical disk, which can make decisions about data synchronization and load balancing without a central controller, so there is no single point of failure. It also enables disks to be hot-swapped between hypervisors while preserving the integrity of the data they hold."

Firewalls are locked down at both a network and server level, and server security patches are always up to date.

In short we take the protection of client data very seriously.

RealOnline evolving content management

RealOnline is a "content management system" developed by Subtle Difference a professional web development company based in Noosa Heads, Queensland Australia. We are a boutique team of innovative thinkers creating CMS Solutions that are specifically tailoured for the end user.  These solutions have evolved since 2003, with new technologies and upgrades to continually enhance the user experience, or to assist with common office tasks to improve time productivity. 

RealOnline has been created from the ground up by a talented crew of Aussies, based on real world useage and client input over many years to suit our market place. (as the saying goes "we eat our own dog food")

RealOnline is a product of Subtle Difference and is owned & operated by the Charleslawn Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Mulhall Family Trust No 2 trading as Subtle Difference ABN 59 746 326 962